The smart contract will first pay all royalties to a wallet held by Newtown Partners. When $150,000 (or 1500 SOL, using a static $100 per SOL price estimate) has been repaid to this wallet, the smart contract will trigger to stop paying to that wallet. Any subsequent secondary market sales of Augmentors NFTs will pay royalties to users who burnt their Databits (in proportion to their allocation). 

Newtown Partners can turn the trigger off at any point, should the price of Solana exceed $100 in the future.

We contracted a dev team to build the verification tooling and burn mechanism. Given that Augmentors was originally on Counterparty, this meant that a lot of work was custom designed to port everything over to Solana. The NFT issuance also required additional work in Rust. In addition, the smart contract is getting audited by Certik, a notable auditor.