What is the Augmentors NFT project?2021-12-14T12:22:38+02:00

The Augmentors NFT project aims to reissue the game creatures as NFTs on the Solana blockchain. 

Original supporters of the game, who bought a limited number of creatures in various classes ranging from champion to god as part of the Databits ICO, will be able to claim their in-game creatures as NFTs on Solana.

The original Databits will be burnt, providing those owners an allocation in a smart contract. This contract will receive royalties from any secondary market sales of the NFTs.

Based on the amount of  interest from the community, they may also consider open-sourcing the original game, and establishing an Augmentors organization (comprised of the original Databits ICO investors).

Why launch this project now?2021-12-14T12:23:07+02:00

Augmentors was one of the first blockchain-based games with the idea that users could own their digital assets. Fortunately, NFT standards and usage, blockchain gaming and play-to-earn economies have matured since Augmentors launched in 2017. Now previous investors can own a piece of this digital history.

Why migrate from Counterparty to Solana?2021-12-06T12:43:39+02:00

Counterparty was used originally as NFTs and the ERC-721 standard was not around at the time of Augmentors. As the space has developed, the Bitcoin blockchain and Counterparty are not fit for purpose. Furthermore we believe that Solana is a highly performant chain which will allow an open-source blockchain-based game such as Augmentors to thrive.

Who is funding the project?2021-12-14T12:35:46+02:00

Newtown Partners and other investors in Augmentors are funding the project in an effort to return some value back to the original Augmentors community. None of the assets are being sold – they are merely being delivered to the original token sale participants. The funding will cover the migration of the project from Databits to Solana, and the NFT issuance for approximately $100k. 

Nona Digital is completing this work as the technical vendor. The royalties from any secondary market transactions will first go towards reimbursing this cost. 

As original Databits investors, Newtown Partners will also hold a proportionate stake in the Augmentors organization. 

How does the claim process work?2021-12-06T12:48:30+02:00

Content to be released soon.

How do I claim my creature NFT?2021-12-06T12:48:46+02:00

Content to be released soon.

What if I don’t have the same email address anymore?2021-12-06T12:49:00+02:00

Content to be released soon.

How do I claim my stake in the project?2021-12-08T13:01:05+02:00

Content to be released soon.

How do I burn my Databits?2021-12-06T12:49:34+02:00

Content to be released soon.

How do you verify that I have burnt my tokens?2021-12-06T12:49:48+02:00

Content to be released soon.

Why burn the original Databits?2021-12-06T12:50:04+02:00

Content to be released soon.

What happened to the Augmentors game?2021-12-14T12:21:54+02:00

The  Augmentors game will always be remembered for its forward-thinking vision. Before NFTs saw widespread adoption, the founders and original investors of the Augmentors game believed that users could own their game characters and build a blockchain-based game economy around those assets.

However, NFT standards were not well developed at the time and the game was not able to bootstrap its game economy with the early smart contracts available at the time.  After years of hard work, all game development stopped and the studio was shut down, however we saved the in-game creature artwork.


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