What is the Augmentors NFT project?2022-03-10T13:40:48+02:00

The Augmentors NFT project aims to reissue the game creatures as NFTs on the Solana blockchain. 

Original supporters of the game, who bought a limited number of creatures in various classes ranging from champion to god as part of the Databits ICO, will be able to claim their in-game creatures as NFTs on Solana.

The original Databits will be burnt, providing those owners with an allocation in a smart contract. This contract will receive royalties from any secondary market sales of the NFTs.

Based on the amount of interest from the community, we may also consider open-sourcing the original game to let the community continue development of the game. We may also release the 3D models as additional NFT collections.

Why launch this project now?2022-03-10T13:40:59+02:00

Augmentors was one of the first blockchain-based games with the idea that users could own their digital assets. Fortunately, NFT standards and usage, blockchain gaming and play-to-earn economies have matured since Augmentors launched in 2017. Now previous investors can own a piece of this digital history.

What happened to the Augmentors game?2022-03-10T13:41:08+02:00

The  Augmentors game will always be remembered for its forward-thinking vision. Before NFTs saw widespread adoption, the founders and original investors of the Augmentors game believed that users could own their game characters and build a blockchain-based game economy around those assets.

However, NFT standards were not well developed at the time and the game was not able to bootstrap its game economy with the early smart contracts available at the time.  After years of hard work, all game development stopped and the studio was shut down, however we saved the in-game creature artwork.

What is the roadmap or future for Augmentors?2022-03-10T13:41:21+02:00

To be announced. First step is to give the creatures back to the original owners.

Why burn the original Databits?2022-03-10T13:41:32+02:00

To replace your Databits with a stake in a smart contract on Solana, we need proof that your Databits have been sent to a burn address. That is a requirement to qualify for a stake in the smart contract.

What is this smart contract and what’s the purpose of it?2022-03-10T13:41:45+02:00

The burning of your Databits results in you owning a percentage share of a smart contract that accrues royalties from the sale of the NFTs on secondary markets. Royalties are paid out to holders of this smart contract. But first, the smart contract will reimburse the cost of this project before royalties are paid out to all holders. Once reimbursed, the smart contract will switch to pay royalties to those users who burnt their Databits, in perpetuity.

Who is funding the project?2022-03-10T13:41:54+02:00

Newtown Partners and other investors in Augmentors are funding the project in an effort to return some value back to the original Augmentors community. None of the assets are being sold – they are merely being delivered to the original token sale participants. The funding will cover the migration of the project from Databits to Solana, and the NFT issuance for approximately $150k. 

Nona Digital is completing this work as the technical vendor. The royalties from any secondary market transactions will first go towards reimbursing this cost. 

As original Databits investors, Newtown Partners will also hold a proportionate stake in the Augmentors organization. 

What is this project cost reimbursement and how does it work?2022-03-23T11:25:41+02:00

The smart contract will first pay all royalties to a wallet held by Newtown Partners. When $150,000 (or 1500 SOL, using a static $100 per SOL price estimate) has been repaid to this wallet, the smart contract will trigger to stop paying to that wallet. Any subsequent secondary market sales of Augmentors NFTs will pay royalties to users who burnt their Databits (in proportion to their allocation). 

Newtown Partners can turn the trigger off at any point, should the price of Solana exceed $100 in the future.

We contracted a dev team to build the verification tooling and burn mechanism. Given that Augmentors was originally on Counterparty, this meant that a lot of work was custom designed to port everything over to Solana. The NFT issuance also required additional work in Rust. In addition, the smart contract is getting audited by Certik, a notable auditor.  

What happens to the Augmentors Databits treasury?2022-03-10T13:42:25+02:00

This will be burnt alongside other Databits holders. The allocations in the smart contract will be allocated proportionally to the original Augmentors shareholders. 

Is this smart contract audited?2022-03-10T13:42:37+02:00

Yes. The project will be audited by Certik prior to launch.

Why migrate from Counterparty to Solana?2022-03-10T13:43:08+02:00

Counterparty was used originally as NFTs and the ERC-721 standard was not around at the time of Augmentors. As the space has developed, the Bitcoin blockchain and Counterparty are not fit for purpose. Furthermore we believe that Solana is a highly performant chain which will allow an open-source blockchain-based game such as Augmentors to thrive.

How does the claim process work?2022-03-23T18:04:42+02:00


  • Portal open for claims: 7 March 2022
  • Window for burning Databits: 7 March – 22 March 2022
  • Cut-off date for burning Databits: 24 March 2022 (Deadline has been extended – new date to follow)
  • Deployment of smart contract and minting of NFTs: TBD


If you own valid Databits, you will be able to register on the portal to receive a stake in a Solana-based smart contract and your creature will be re-issued as an NFT on Solana. 

As part of the process, you will be asked to burn your Databits. This process is detailed below:

  1. Register on the portal by connecting your wallet.
    Log into your wallet. Our app supports Phantom and Solflare wallets. Go to the Augmentors portal and click on connect. Your wallet will prompt you to sign in and approve a signature request. After authenticating your Phantom or Solflare wallet, you will be automatically logged in.
  2. Verify your email address
    On the instructions page, click on Verify Email and follow the instructions to verify your email address that you used during the token sale. We only need to verify your email address if you want to claim a creature.
  3. Verify your Counterparty address that holds Databits
    To register your Counterparty wallet addresses on the portal, click on Verify Databit addresses on the instructions page. You will be asked for your wallet address. Log into your Counterparty wallet that holds your Databits and copy the relevant wallet address over to the portal. The next step is to sign a message. Copy the message and go back to your wallet to sign the message. Message format should be base 64 encoded. Copy the signed message to the Augmentors portal and click Verify Message.
  • Burn your Databits (DTB)
    After you have completed the first three steps, burn your Databits by sending them to this burn address:1AUGMENTRSG1VEMENFTTH1NGSXXXUWVe7uWe’ll automatically receive confirmation once your Databits have been burnt.

When the window for burning Databits has closed, we’ll deploy the smart contract and mint the NFTs on Solana. By participating in this project, you agree to the commercial terms and conditions.

What if I don’t have the same email address anymore?2022-01-28T11:16:24+02:00

If you don’t have the same email address that you used to purchase your Databits and creatures, please send an email to info@augmentorsgame.com.

How do I burn my Databits?2022-03-10T11:21:16+02:00

Follow the verification instructions which will guide you to verify your ownership of the Databits and then send your Databits to this burn address: 1AUGMENTRSG1VEMENFTTH1NGSXXXUWVe7u


How do you verify that I have burnt my tokens?2022-01-27T16:07:24+02:00

Our system will automatically pick up when you send your Databits to the burn address and generate your percentage stake in the smart contract. Your stake in the contract will keep changing during the claim period according to the number of Databits being burnt.


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